Monday, 22 September 2014

FREEBIE ALERT for the first 20 of my followers!

Hi again

Yes, two posts in one morning!  But oh look at this!

WOW  Just look what I have read in a lovely comment received from Tracy at Cardmaker's Delights 

Read the comment I have copied below.

THANKYOU SO MUCH Tracy, that is so very kind.  I have some lovely followers and am sure they will really appreciate this just as much as I do.

As a little surprise, the first 20 of your blog followers can grab a FREE digital download worth £1.25 from our website using the coupon code INKYPINKY during checkout. Absolutely no purchase necessary. Tracy x

How lovely is that for first thing on a Monday morning!

Please scroll down for my early morning post.


  1. Such a lovely surprise on a Monday morning Judy, a huge thank you to Tracy, I love the cards that Judy creates with these beautiful images and it is lovely to be able to try some as a freebie.
    Many thanks.

  2. I tried to order the vintage frame ladies but I couldn't get past the check out as I couldn't choose my country (I live in Australia) . It said choose country but when I clicked on it United Kingdom was the only choice so I couldn't get past there.

    1. Hi Granmargaret, I apologise that you had a problem when trying to check out. I'm really glad that you brought this problem to our attention, so we can try to fix it! Until we manage to do so, just select United Kingdom as your country, as we won't be physically posting anything. Tracy @ Cardmaker's Delights xx

  3. Thank you Tracy. I have just ordered and received the lovely vintage frame ladies. Thank you very much for these lovely images.

  4. So kind of you Tracy, I have just been over and got the adorable cute girly teddies...many thanks.
    Wendy xx

  5. I definitely appreciate it! Thank you Tracey & Judy, am very much looking forward to working with my new flowers ;-) Hugs xx