Tuesday 3 September 2019


Hi everyone 👋

It’s been a while I know.  I do aim to be back blogging again one day.  Maybe this Autumn but unsure yet.  Just need motivation I think!  Although I’ve been quiet I have still been crafting .

I just wanted to share this experience with you.

I got  the trusty Cuttlebug out yesterday.  Cutting away merrily.  Got my Christina Griffith’s number dies out to cut a couple of 25s.  Suddenly, when cutting the five my machine crunched started to grind and labour.  I thought it was going to stick!    Fast forward, (imagine my panic) .. So when hubby came in he managed to get the number two die out of the mechanism where it was stuck solid.  It must have been stuck to one of the plates as I was cutting the other number.  I honestly thought I had broken the machine.  Thankfully I haven’t.

So, I checked the stock at Craftstash.  (Brilliant craft shop). Was about to order another set (£15.99!) then I dithered and emailed them instead to see if they could sell me just one number.  Well, get this!  I had a reply this morning.  They have a damaged set in their stock are sending it to me free of charge.

What a brilliant firm they are!  I cannot thank them enough.  Such great customer service l

 Am so chuffed and so relieved! Here is the link:

Judy x

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